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Posted 2 years ago

Narian shows off NFC retail experience solutions at NRF show

Narian shows off NFC retail experience solutions at NRF show

Yes, the NRF show has just finished up and Narian Technologies was on the floor showing off its full suite of non-payment NFC services that help retailers maximize profits cost effectively. If you are an NFC enthusiast and haven’t heard of Narian Technologies we only have one thing to say to you - Have you been living under a rock for the last year or so? Narian is far older than a year old though, and led by industry expert, Einar Rosenberg. When Narian isn’t helping the top names in NFC develop new products, services or simply giving consulting services, the firm is hard at work developing and deploying its own full suite of retail services that use NFC to prevent lost sales and maximize profit in retail situations.

Einar Rosenberg has long been known as an expert in NFC related technologies and projects and has years of experience and products behind him. So, when it comes to Narian’s own products and services you may already have the idea that the firm has put all of its know-how into creating something that is not only frictionless but that also helps retail businesses work more efficiently and ultimately make more profit.

"Retailers love the value proposition we are offering," Rosenberg said.

If we had to simplify everything that the Narian platform does we would simply say it’s a must have set of tools for retailers who put their customer experiences first and know that if they exceed customer expectations the profit will follow and loyalty will be gained. NFC is an enabler and alone doesn’t do too much at all. However, when NFC is added to back end platforms, innovative creative and runs on a back end that records meaningful analytics NFC becomes a very attractive prospect for retailers. There are a myriad of companies developing NFC based retail services, which includes ShelfX and Proximiant who both have very solid offerings that use NFC for POS, receipts, offers and NFC payments in-store.

Narian NFC services focus on retail experiences

However, Narian’s approach is a little different. Narian is focused on accountability of staff members in helping customers. Its system also works towards helping customers get the information they need to purchase products. The scope of Narian’s system is very robust and quite frankly too large to fully describe in one post. However, Narian sent us over its latest set of SlideShare presentations that go quite a way to giving a brief overview of some of the services the firm offers. We say some of the services because Narian Technologies is like a rabbit hole. They have developed more retail based services than we can count, and they are just the ones we know about.

Retail is one focus, but restaurants, bars and many other businesses that have customer facing situations would probably benefit from the Narian Technologies suite of services. Because the platform is so customizable it fits with any brand, with any look and even gives merchants their very own app that can be branded.

Out of the presentations that Narian sent us over the above information probably best described the length and breadth of the firm’s NFC based services.

Big changes are set to happen within retail in the next few years and the most progressive firms will likely use NFC based platforms and systems. There are a growing amount of NFC smartphones in the market today and by the end of this year that figure is set to jump to millions of potential customers that have the ability to interact with NFC tags. Narian has partnered with UPM RFID, or Smartrac as they will soon be known, to provide custom printed materials for stores that contain NFC tags. We covered Narian’s app last year, which you can find here, here and here.

"Retailers all thought that all they could do with NFC tags is Social/Multimedia or Coupons, but they all saw a much greater return and innovation out of our unique apps that save time and create efficiency for their work force," Rosenberg told NFC Rumors.

Einar Rosenberg also said, “Visitors to both the UPM RFID & NXP booth at NFC didn’t realize that the growth went from a few hundred thousand NFC phones in the US to about 5 million from October to January.  Roughly three months, and we went crazy big with NFC.  Right now, NFC phones are either the #1 or #2 or both top selling phones on Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T for the months of November and December. So they all thought NFC wasn’t for another year or that it was just mobile payments, but the real numbers shocked and excited most every retailer we met.”

If you are looking around for a solution that can add better customer service and a mechanism for higher profits in your retail empire we think that Narian Technologies should certainly be on your list of solutions to check out. We expect to see the Narian system deployed in multiple high profile stores this year as more and more NFC smartphones hit the market and Isis MNOs start allowing NFC services to be used and for the technology to be switched on in consumers’ devices.